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Trial of the White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland.png

The White Rabbit has been captured by the Queen, accused of stealing her favourite mug. With Alice nowhere to be found it is up to you to save him. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and find the mug before it's off with his head! 

2-6 Players

Difficulty - 4/5*

The Lone CABIN

shutterstock_2207230893 2.JPG

You and your friends have rented an old abandoned shack for the weekend, but there seems to be something... off about the place. When you find a book inside filled with evil incantations, things quickly get much worse.

2-6 Players

Scare factor - 4/5

Difficulty  - 4/5*

Please note: religious and occult theming is used and may not be suitable for all players. Minimum age 15+.

This room may contain jump scares and/or a live actor.  

Ghost of the leading lady

Theatre Photo.jpg

The leading lady of a successful production collapses dead on opening night. The theatre has been closed ever since. There are stories of someone that still haunts the stage.. Could it be her? 

Great for those new to escape rooms.


2-6 Players

Difficulty - 3/5*

221B Baker St


A priceless artefact, a plot to steal it, a clue hidden somewhere at Baker St. Can you help solve the mystery and save Sherlock? 

2-6 Players

Difficulty - 5/5*

Our most challenging room! Recommended for players who have experience in escape rooms, or like a good challenge

creepy carnival


The carnival has sat abandoned for quite a few years. You and your friends decide to explore it one night, however you suddenly find yourself trapped. The clown is coming.. 

2-6 Players

Difficulty - 4/5*

*Spooky themes - not recommended for children under 8*

*Difficulty rating calculated by average time of room completion.

Escape Rooms aren't recommended to children under 12 years of age without a parent/guardian or older participants due to the puzzle difficulty.

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